It is my pleasure to recommend Frank Verni as an excellent dog trainer. I have referred patients to Frank and Lori for over five years and have gotten excellent feedback from my clients.

Their training methods are gentle and effective and the results have been consistently excellent. '

— Dr. Mitchell Kornet, DVM


Best Paw Forward Dog Edu. is my first choice for my clients who need canine training of any kind. Frank has helped many of my clients with everything from crate training to aggressiveness. All of my clients have spoken highly of his abilities and care. His years of experience has been an asset for my practice and I would highly recommend him.'

— G. Scott Munn DVM, West Cary A.H.


' I went through training with my dog, Chloe, in the fall of last year. I was trying to get Chloe ready for the arrival of our new baby. I just had to thank you again for helping us. I gave birth January 19th of this year to our son, Aiden. Chloe is a great big sister and she is really attentive to him. She is very well-behaved and gentle with him. Thank you so much! '

—Robin Mobley, client Apex, NC


' I have referred Frank Verni of Best Paw Forward Dog Education for many years. Without exception our clients and their pets are better off after schooling. Their professionalism, expertise and customer relations has brought an impeccable reputation for excellence. '

— Wendy Scafordi,
Wendy’s Professional Pet Grooming


'I just wanted to thank you again for training Mouse. Actually, I think it was me that needed the training! I have been so pleased with the results of Mouse’s training. She is a whole new dog and my house is a lot quieter. I found I don’t have to raise my voice or yell in frustration anymore. I just give a few calm hand signals or voice commands and they truly listen. We are continuing to practice everything on a daily basis. Just wanted to let you know that the training was worth every cent! Thanks Again!'

— Toni, Mouse and Cha-Cha,
Morrisville, NC


'I just wanted to thank you for what you have done for me and Rupert. You provided me with so many little tips and insight as to how dogs think and “flipped a switch” in Rupert’s brain. He is so much more enjoyable to be around and I know that things will only continue to get better.'

— Kelly McCracken
Raleigh, NC


'I have attended several group classes and Best Paw Forward’s was my favorite. I am proud that my Shepherd earned his AKC CGC certification under their name. Lori and Frank are effective, professional, and devoted.'

— Sylvie Pleasant,
Canine Behavior Consultant and Trainer
Sylvie’s K-9 Solutions


'NC Schnauzer Rescue has called upon Best Paw Forward Dog Education on many occasions to help us with our “special needs” miniature schnauzers. They have always been eager to help, and have donated their services to the rescue on many occasions. Frank Verni is one of the most knowledgeable and reputable dog trainers we know in this area, and we recommend them to everyone we can! I have also personally worked with them at several dog events and know them to be organized, conscientious and dependable. We definitely give Best Paw Forward the highest recommendation possible!'

— Rhonda Lowe, President
North Carolina Schnauzer Rescue


'LILRR has had a lengthy and very satisfied privilege of professional services provided by Best Paw Forward Dog Education. Over the years, they have successfully trainer or retrained dozens of labs and dog owners having had inadequate or inappropriate initial training. With no exception, feedback from each client has been total praise for their humane, positive reinforcement methodology and lasting results. We recommend these dog trainers without reservation!'

— Sandee Natasi, President
LI Labrador Retriever Rescue


'I have been referring clients to Best Paw Forward Dog Education for more than five years. I consider them to be excellent trainers and I recommend them highly.'

— Dr. Victor LaGinestra, DVM


'For several years I have been referring my clients to Frank Verni for dog training, and for problem cases of puppies or older dogs with behavior problems. My clients have always been pleased with the results and I have therefore always had every confidence in recommending Best Paw Forward!'

— Dr. Peter Lugten, DVM


'I’d like to take this opportunity to tell how pleased I was with the services provided by Best Paw Forward. I hired Best Paw Forward in the spring of 2000 to work with an older dog I’d just adopted. Their fee was reasonable, all appointments were kept in a timely fashion and best of all, my previously ill-behaved dog learned many commands. In addition to the training received by the dog, I was taught ow to reinforce all lessons on my own. Without any hesitation, I highly recommend Best Paw Forward.'

— Laura Towers and "Cinnamon"


'On behalf of myself and the staff of the East Village Green Animal Hospital (in Long Island, NY), I would like to thank you for your years of dedicated service to our community. You built your school through hard work and sacrifice. You are always available for your clients Your versatility is also your strength. By offering group classes as well as individual training, your clients are able to work with you within their budget. In addition to puppies, you also take on problem dogs. It’s a straightforward formula for success.'

— Dr. Evan Blonder, DVM


'I just wanted to personally thank you for all that you do for the MS Pooch Parade and for being such a champion of our event. We know that a lot of time goes into preparing your demonstration and rounding up a team. We had a fantastic day and expect to raise more than $50,000. in the fight against multiple sclerosis.'

— Candace Stabile,
Event Coordinator
National Multiple Sclerosis Society