How to Get Started!

1. Make an appointment for an evaluation of your dog

In order for a customized program to be recommended for your dog, you and your dog must meet with your trainer to discuss the goals or problems at hand. Each dog learns at their own pace. Some are more stubborn, others are more eager to please. The evaluation usually takes about 45 minutes to an hour. Your trainer will come to your home, ask you some questions, work with your dog a bit, and give you a detailed recommendation. The evaluation is only $20, and if you do use Best Paw Forward for the training, that fee is deducted off the program price so the evaluation becomes free. There is no pressure to decide right then and there. Feel free to sleep on it and get back to us. We are sure you will want us to teach your dog to put his Best Paw Forward!

2. During your dog’s evaluation

When recommending a program for your dog, your trainer will advise you as to how many lessons are recommended, what type of curriculum will be necessary, cost of program, and methods used. Feel free to ask questions so you can really understand what type of an education you and your dog will be getting.

3. Let us know when you’re ready to get started

You can either move forward right away and set up your first lesson at your evaluation, or sleep on it and contact us when you’re ready. There will be absolutely no pressure to decide… we do not use “hard” sales tactics… we prefer to only work with clients who truly want the training! Whatever your decision, we’ll be happy to work with you and your dog when you’re ready to get started!

4. Pricing

Payment plan available if needed. Because we come to your home or meet in a public setting for training, the price varies depending on travel distance as follows:

  • Evaluation: $20
  • Housebreaking (1 lesson): $100
  • Puppy Head Start or Skill Sharpening (2 lessons): $150 - $180
  • Basic Obedience, Manners and Behavior Problems (4 - 6 lesson program): $300 - $550

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